Core Fresh believes in the Earth.

We use eco-friendly packaging and compostable materials whenever possible.


Our clear drinking cups are made from Poly Lactic Acid (PLA), a compostable, plant-based bio plastic derived from U.S. grown corn and are BPI certified compostable in commercial facilities.

Our food containers are made from Wheat Straw and comes from the stalk of the wheat plants. The stalks do not store protein, gluten or any other allergens.

Wheat Straw uses 10x less energy than tree-based materials to produce, meets FDA standards for gluten-free and non-allergenic products, are made from highly renewable resources, fully compostable in commercial (1-2 months) and home (6 months) composting and is BPI certified for commercial composting.

Our water is locally canned to save our oceans by boycotting single-use plastic bottles. Aluminum is infinitely recyclable, but 70% of single use plastic bottles never make it to the recycle bin.